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 I use the High Intensity Training method to train many people today. The HIT program is designed around a 20 minute intense session that brings each muscle to momentary muscular failure.

     Manual Muscle Testing. 
The Science of MMT!

MMT is based on the science of Neuro Proprioceptive Response tests designed to evaluate whether there is proper neural input to the muscle or group of muscles which provide stability in the extreme of motions.

MMT has 300+ tests to evaluate & treat muscular Imbalances.



I spcialize in Manaul Muscle Testing and I'm also a student of Bio-mechanics. I have spent the last ten years certifying personal trainer for ACE, NASM, NSCA or the WITS certifications. I'm a former student of Muscle Activation Techniques and currently teaching courses for Elite Continuing Education. 


About Us

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