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People using Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) orHighIntensity Training (HIT). ​


“In an era of performance enhancing drugs, professional athletes nationally, have turned to performance enhancing therapy.”

Steve Gorten Sun-Sentinel Writer

“After one session, you realize how certain muscles just turn themselves off, immediately he’ll test the muscle and you feel really weak at it, and then all of a sudden just a little adjustment he’ll test that muscle again and you can just feel it fire right away.”

Jay Fiedler (QB) of Miami Dolphins

“In this league, what you try to do is catch an edge on health and your physical being, he was able to do that for my hip.”

Junior Seau (LB) of Miami Dolphins

“I’m always interested in educating myself to know what different therapy there is out there to get stronger and better”

Serge Payer (F) Florida Panthers

I was on the verge of not being able to teach tennis lessons because of my chronic back and knee pain. I tried many different therapies but after meeting Nikki and doing HIT and MAT together, I lost 15lbs and my pain went away.

Mark Bachenheimer- Tennis Pro at Harbour Island Athletic Club

Julie wanted to spend plenty of time with her 4 children and didnt have much time to spend in the gym. Julie started doing High Intensity Training (HIT) twice a week for 20 minutes each time and lost over 25lbs and 6% body fat.

Rachel lost over 80lbs doing the HIT program over the course of 6 months. She spent 20 minutes every 5th day doing the training without any cardiovascular training. She was even able to run the 5K race on Thanksgiving Day and took 12 minutes off her time.

Paul wasnt able to play golf because of chronic back pain. After two sessions of MAT, Paul was able to play a full round of golf.

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